Multi-Grain Bread Rolls with Peanut Sauce (V)

  • 8 slices Multigrain Bread (crust off)
  • 50 grams Carrot (Peeled and Julienned)
  • 50 grams Cucumber (Seed off and Julienned)
  • 50 grams Mini Pepper (Julienned)
  • 4-5 leaves Red Leaf Lettuce 
  • Thai & True Peanut Sauce (as your desired)
  • 1 tbsp roasted Peanut (roughly grounded)
  1. Flatten each slice of bread with a bread roller or a pestle so that your bread is not torn apart when rolling up. 
  2. Fill a flatten bread with red leaf lettuce, 2 julienned carrot, cucumber, mini pepper and roll everything up tightly. Cut it in half and serve with Peanut sauce (garnish with grounded peanut).