Our Story

Meet Susie + Pon Kasem

Founders of
Thai & True

 Bringing Thai food into the homes of people all around the world has been the dream of Thai & True founder, Susie Kasem. While growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, Susie was constantly tasting new foods and cooking for her family. With her love for food, the first step towards the dream was to open a restaurant and see how the public enjoyed her recipes. Her dream was realized in the early 80's, when she opened Thai Villa in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The success of the restaurant continued for over 20 years, when she decided to retire from the restaurant business. But Susie wasn't done spreading her love for food. Since 2002, she has diligently shared her handmade sauces and recipes with a much larger audience than she ever could at the restaurant. 

Meet Pak + Rangsan

Operations + Management
of Thai & True 

After working for five decades, Susie and Pon would like to just slow down and see what the rest of their years have to offer. In order to gracefully enjoy their 70's, They need someone to run the company. Pak and her husband, Rangsan, then step into the business and fill in the role. Pak and Rangsan were born and raised in Thailand. In 2014, they came to Oregon to pursue their Master's Degrees in Business Administration and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Pak's Aunt is the founder of Thai & True, so thankfully they never had to miss the taste of authentic Thai foods while living in Oregon. They always enjoyed cooking and sharing Thai Foods and Curry Dishes using Susie's sauces and recipes. After graduating, they were inspired to stay in Portland in order to assist Sue and Pon operate and manage Thai & True. So, Sue and Pon could retire and have more time to travel and relax. 
Pak and Rangsan are so grateful and happy to operate Thai & True. They have been able to create many flavorful new pastes and sauces, met many great supportive customers, and built valuable relationships with new friends. They are honored to carry on Susie's Legacy and will continue sharing Sue delicious and authentic recipes with you!


"We, Thai & True, delicately make small-batch Thai cooking products to serve you the greatest quality out of our commercial kitchen in Portland, Oregon. We are committed to make our curry pastes and sauces Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-free and use no artificial preservatives or flavors. We hope you enjoy cooking from our Thai & True products and share them with your friends and family." 

Thank you for all of the support.